Anne MacArthur-1000km Finisher
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Anne MacArthur from Prince Edward Island

Why was I given a second chance at life? I don’t know, but I’m doing everything I can to keep Cancer away. Exercising, eating good food and most of all, I’m #livingmylife and #lovingmylife to the fullest!

Did you walk, jog or run this challenge?

I’ve run, walked & hiked this challenge.

How did you start running and why?

I am a runner! I started running after I finished a 6-month treatment for Hep C -, which I completely abolished by the way. The Running Room had just begun in Charlottetown, and I decided to join the free Survivor Running Clinic so I could run the CIBC- Run for the Cure 5K!

I am a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 13!

About 20 years ago, I decided to lose some weight. I carried around about 50lbs for a few years and I was exhausted. I succeeded in losing my weight, and that helped me to increase my exercising.

Five years after losing the weight, I was hit with Breast Cancer. It had been caught early, and after chemo and radiation, I was able to beat it!! I BEAT CANCER!!

Unfortunately, I have a family history of cancer. My mom, my dad and my younger sister have lost their battles with Cancer.

I am happy to say I am a 17-year Cancer Survivor!

Why was I given this second chance? I don’t know, but I’m doing everything I can to keep Cancer away. Exercising, eating good food and most of all, I’m living my life and loving my life to the fullest!

How often do you walk and run?

I walk every day and I run 3 or 4 times a week. I usually hike on a trail once or twice a week as well.

What was your greatest obstacle while aiming to reach 1000KM?

I really didn’t have many obstacles, but if there was one, it was running on my own. I usually run with a group.

How do you stay motivated and find the time to walk and run?

For me, staying healthy means a lot of daily activity and keeping my muscles fit. My main motivation is my health, as well as my children and grandchildren.

What advice would you give someone to stay focused on reaching 1000KM in 2020?

My advice would be to keep moving. I don’t worry about pace. Getting the run done is such a wonderful feeling. Just keep moving!

Anne is well on her way to reaching her 2020 goal of 3000KM! You can follow her progress here.

Great work Anne and thank you for sharing a part of your story with us!

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  1. I’ve had the pleasure of walking, running and hiking with this gal. She is always upbeat, welcoming and positive. Anne has been an inspiration to many and it’s no surprise she’s meeting and exceeding her fitness goals! Yay Anne!

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