April 100K Challenge


You have committed to reaching 100 KM in 1 month!


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  • a downloadable personalized achievement certificate (you will receive this after your April 30th check-in)
  • A Great Canadian Running Challenge Bandana
  • a Finisher’s Medal in antique gold finish (image is an example-they are being processed by the supplier)
  • 4 choices of a soft style Tee (different colour request can be sent to MyTime!)


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Shipment: Due to the current global situation, A Great Canadian Running Challenge cannot guarantee the dates in which your merchandise will be produced and ready for shipment.  We have ordered all merchandise from various companies and we are awaiting for them to send us the orders.  Your shipment may not arrive until after the completion of this challenge.  We are hoping that all of the merchandise will be ready for shipment at the beginning of May.

*If you require shipping outside of Canada, please send us an email for a shipping quote.  Include your information and address in the email. 

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