Nora Bath - Ontario
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Nora Bath from Ontario

I will aim for 2000K and then reevaluate once I get there.

Did you walk, jog or run this challenge?

I do a combination of running and walking every day.

How did you start running and why?

Two of my daughters are triathletes! They challenged me to do a 5K run in Toronto last year. I took up the challenge and did much better than I expected! I got hooked on running as a result.

How often do you walk and run?

I run 6-8KM every morning and walk 10 -15KM every afternoon.

What was your greatest obstacle while aiming to reach 1000KM?

Sometimes the weather has shortened my runs/walks, and occasionally I had to miss a run because I actually had to work!

How do you stay motivated and find the time to walk and run?

Running/walking is now part of my daily routine, so I do not have to think about “should I or shouldn’t I.” I just do it!

What advice would you give someone to stay focused on reaching 1000KM in 2020?

Never say “I can’t” and age is not an excuse!

Great work Nora and thank you for sharing a part of your story with us! We wish you the best of luck in reaching 2000KM in 2020!

You can follow Nora’s progress on the new Leaderboard, and cheer her on as she aims to reach 2000KM in 2020!

5 thoughts on “Athlete-Nora Bath”

  1. My mom is awesome and now runs more than me- one of her triathlete daughters. 🙂 She also forgot to mention that she ended up wining a bronze medal in her age group (65-69) during her first 5km race ever!

  2. Nora is an inspiration. Not only does she set the bar high for being healthy and staying fit but she also has a huge and caring heart. Great lady to know.

  3. I love reading all the athletes’ stories and feel inspired by them. Thank you, for sharing yours!! It’s great you got your inspiration from your daughters and they got you hooked!! Good for you!! And, you’re right – age is NOT an excuse!!

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