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Athlete of the Day

Shannon Ruisendaal from Ontario

May 28th, 2020

Get out there! Walk, run, jog, or roll.

Did you walk, jog or run this challenge?

I walked and ran this challenge.

How did you start running and why?

I started running after my girls were born. First, I wanted to lose weight! And second, I started running to help inspire my oldest daughter. She always seemed to give up on everything she tried if she wasn’t good at something right away. I was hoping to teach her that she doesn’t have to be good at something to enjoy it. It takes work and determination.

How often do you walk and run?

I walk my dog twice a day, usually 8-11 KM. I run 4 days a week, training for races.

What was your greatest obstacle while aiming to reach 1000KM?

My biggest obstacle to reach 1000KM was when Covid-19 reared its ugly face! It caused all the races I had signed up for to be cancelled. (motivational goals). I stopped walking and running for a week in mid-March.

How do you stay motivated and find the time to walk and run?

I became motivated again when I decided I was sabotaging all my hard work for the past few months and wasn’t going to let this virus take that away from me. I decided I wouldn’t let it cancel me!

What advice would you give someone to stay focused on reaching 1000KM in 2020?

We are all in this together. A good running friend wrote #cantcancelme and my running coach #solobutnotalone. Find a group to get involved with, even if you are not physically together. It is so motivating to post my running achievements even if I am running solo. I like that about this great Canadian running challenge. It brings everyone together across this beautiful country we call home.

Great work Shannon and thank you for sharing a part of your story with us! We wish you the best of luck in reaching 2000KM in 2020!

You can follow Shannon’s progress on the new Leaderboard, and cheer her on as she aims for 2000KM in 2020!

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