Guidelines for Facebook Posts

Due of the high volume of daily posts, they will be limited to the following:

  • posts must be related to intentional walking, jogging or running (snowshoeing and hiking are acceptable)
  • posts must be positive and not controversial
  • posts could be related to your highs and lows, while striving to reach 1000 kilometres in 2021
  • posts / questions related to health and exercise, if it will help you achieve your goal, will be approved

Posts will be declined if:

  • your post showed a calculation of KMs in another sport or activity, other than listed above (if you choose to calculate KMs in other areas, do so at your own discretion)
  • your post showed your daily routine steps from a Fitbit, and did not specify an intentional walk (see Fitbit guidelines)
  • you have attached a link or an image that is off topic or inappropriate for our group discussion 
  • you are soliciting or promoting your product
  • you are seeking donations
  • your post or question has been previously posted by another member
  • you asked a question or you are having technical issues that should be addressed to the Administrator and not to all members in the group (email below)
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A Great Canadian Running Challenge Mission

To inspire people from across the nation to gain a love for health and fitness by building a strong community of Canadians who share their stories of hope and inspiration!

#buildingcommunity #Canada #1000km

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