Our 2020 Leaderboard


  1. LOG IN with you email address. 
  2. Click ADD KMs (This is where you will see your entries. Click drop down arrow by month to see daily entries) 
  3. You can EDIT or DELETE entries!! 
  4. Update your name and province as needed.  Your changes will be applied when you ADD a new entry!
  5. Unfortunately, we were not able to transfer your data to the new Leaderboard.  
  6. Log your kilometers for January, February and March if possible.  For example: I selected the last day of the month and entered a total for the month so that my monthly entries show, as in image below.
  7. If you do not know your total KMs per month, you will add the total kilometers from January to March 23rd by clicking here to find your total from your last entry on the previous Leaderboard:  https://member.agreatcanadianrunningchallenge.ca/leaderboard
  8. Clear your Cache/Browsing History for newest updates!
  9. Refresh the page to see the updated Leaderboard with your total kilometers!


 1.   Why can’t I log in?  Do I have to re-register?

You do not have to re-register.  Your email will be in our system if you registered for A Great Canadian Running Challenge.  You may have to reset your password.  Your username could be different than the previous Leaderboard.  Login with your email address.

2.  When I reset my password, it takes me to a WordPress site?

You will receive an email from WordPress with a link to reset your password (check junk mail).  A Great Canadian Running Challenge is built on a WordPress platform.  After resetting your password, you are taken to your profile page.  If you exit that page and return to the Leaderboard, you can log in with your email address and new password.  We are working on a re-direction so that you are taken to our Leaderboard automatically.  

3.  Why can’t I see the ADD KMs button?

You must be logged in to have access to this button.

4.  Where is all my information?  How do I see my logged KMs to date?

Click on the ADD KMs button to see your monthly and daily totals.  There is a drop-down arrow beside each month.

5.  I made a mistake.  Can I edit or delete an entry?

Yes.  You will see your individual entries by clicking the drop-down arrow by each month.  There is an update option and an x option to delete any entry.

6.  My province doesn’t show on the Leaderboard.

Click update user details and add your province.  It will be adjusted when you add KMs.

7.  My name is showing my email address.

Click update user details and add your first and last name in the boxes.  It will be adjusted when you add KMs.

8.  When I update my name or province, it doesn’t show right away.

When you refresh the page or ADD new KMs, your information will be adjusted.

9.  Why the change of Leaderboard?

Our previous Leaderboard was created using a database on a different Website platform.  We believe that having the Leaderboard on A Great Canadian Running Challenge platform would provide a much better user experience.

10.  Why isn’t my name on the new Leaderboard with my mileage from January to March?

You must login and manually enter your name and mileage.  See next question.

11.  Why wasn’t my mileage transferred from the previous Leaderboard and how do I enter it to the new one?

Unfortunately, we were not able to transfer the data as stated when we decided to move forward with this project.  It was beyond my control and I feel aweful that you will have to re-enter your data.  You can enter your data in a lump sum or by month. 

12.  Do I need to be on the Leaderboard to participate in this challenge?

No you don’t.  You can participate in this challenge and track your mileage any way you prefer.

13.  Why are there advertisements on the Website?

Advertisements are placed on our site to help cover some of the costs incurred while creating this Website, the challenge, the contests and this  Leaderboard…until we get Sponsorship program.  

16.  Can I filter by name or province?

You can filter the Leaderboard by first and last name or by province.  You will be ranked by your own province when selected.

If you are frustrated and don't like change, think about where we will be in two years. You can say: "Remember the first year we joined A Great Canadian Running Challenge and that crazy lady changed the Leaderboard in the middle of the year, and lost all our data....?" It's a year of history-making, that's for sure! Focus on your end goal! We are in this together.

Learn more about ME here!

I truly appreciate your patience and support.

If you require any assistance, please contact me through the links at the top of the page!  I am readily available to make this transition easier for you!

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