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Congratulations to some of our 2020 Finishers

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Trevor Funk - New Brunswick
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Marilyn Johnston - New Brunswick
Ken Wong - Alberta
Ken Wong - Alberta
Geraldine Cormier - New Brunswick
Mae C Rafuse - Nova Scotia
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Kim Dunphy - Saskatchewan
Kim Francis
Kimberley Francis - New Brunswick
IMG 2191
Pamela Bergeron - Nova Scotia
IMG 2187
AnnLiz Simpson - Ontario
IMG 2012
Emmanuel Deyrieux - Québec
IMG 2463
Danielle Heb - Québec
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Paula Thomas - Newfoundland
IMG 2458
Les Morrison - New Brunswick
IMG 2541
Colette Melanson - New Brunswick
Cheryl Antonio 1000km finisher
Cheryl Antonio - Manitoba
IMG 2931
Betty Boutilier - Nova Scotia
IMG 2929
Caroline Hawson - Ontario
IMG 2468
Ron Russell - PEI
IMG 2927
Tara Cooper - Ontario
IMG 2840
Julie Ferrara - British Columbia
IMG 2925
Anne MacArthur - PEI
IMG 2457
Kathy and Mike Carre - Ontario
IMG 3544
Tim and Brenda Houle - Ontario
IMG 3620
April Brezanoczy Jenkins - New Brunswick
IMG 3621
Carole Maltais - New Brunswick
IMG 3623
Lana Chaisson - Prince Edward Island
IMG 3568
Steve Wood - Ontario
IMG 3574
Ken, Grace and Josie Wong - Ontario
IMG 3577 1
Karen Cowie - Nova Scotia
IMG 3617
Heidi Boucher - New Brunswick
IMG 3770
Pamela McQuillan - Prince Edward Island
IMG 3768
Kim Erickson Patterson - Nova Scotia
IMG 3772
Linda McCosham - Ontario
IMG 3774
Susan Morke - Ontario
IMG 3778
Sarah Simser - Ontario
IMG 3016
Bill Harris - Ontario
IMG 3625
Pascale Paulin - New Brunswick
IMG 3573
The Gang - Ontario
IMG 3233
Kendall Tanner - Nova Scotia
IMG 3213
Lilla Anne Gotell
Mark GCC 2020
Florrie Meadwell - Nova Scotia
IMG 3768 1
Kim Patterson - Nova Scotia
IMG 3826
Louise Pellerin-Olynyk - New Brunswick
IMG 3853
Julie Vieno - Ontario
IMG 3781
Dale Aube - New Brunswick
IMG 3943
Heather Barnett Gelowits - Ontario
Fran Hiltz - Ontario
Fran Hiltz - Ontario
IMG 4088
Leila Brinston - Newfoundland
Vernon Bennett-New Brunswick
Vernon Bennett - New Brunswick
Ruth Manning-Nova Scotia
Ruth Manning - Nova Scotia
Cheri Howe -Nova Scotia
Cheri Howe - Nova Scotia
Traci Fairbarn-Finisher
Traci Fairbarn - Ontario
IMG 3855
Gary Smith - Nova Scotia
Shane Hartwell-1000K finisher
Shane Hartwell - Ontario
Sheila Garriock
Sheila Garriock - Ontario
Carole Johnson Davidson
Carole Johnson Davidsoon -PEI
Lynn Murray
Lynn Murray - Newfoundland & Labrador
Lacie Parsons -1000k Finisher
Lacie Parsons - Nova Scotia
Jacqui Hoppin 1000K finisher
Jacqui Hoppin - Ontario
Sherry Decker -1000K finisher
Sherry Decker - Newfoundland & Labrador
Nina Grimes 1000K Finisher
Nina Grimes -Ontario
Karla Lamb 1000K Finisher
Karla Lamb - New Brunswick
Marg Milburn
Marg Milburn - New Brunswick
Pat Robbins - 1000k Finisher
Pat Robbins - Ontario
IMG 4755
Michelle Caines
Michelle Caines - Newfoundland & Labrador
Marcia Smith
Marcia Smith -
Tamara Hess and Daughter
Tamara and Jennifer Hes - Manitoba
Shirley Harris
Shirley Harris -
Shelley Mosher
Shelley Mosher - Nova Scotia
Bobbi-Jean Boylan
Bobbi-Jean Boylan - Prince Edward Island
Bernice Landry
Bernice Landry - New Brunswick
IMG 5292
Peggy Moulaison
Peggy Moulaison - Ontario
Tina Anderson
Tina Anderson - Ontario
Carol-Lynn Roe
Carol-Lynn Roe - Ontario
Jody Hogan
Jody Hogan - Nova Scotia

June and July 2020 Photo Contest

I Love My Country Photo Contest

July Winner of a $25 Gift Card at Canadian Tire is Doriane from New Brunswick



June Winner of a $25 Gift Card at Canadian Tire is Cheryl from Manitoba



April Winners of a $25 Gift Card at Canadian Tire



Marg submitted this photo from Squamish BC!

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Lana submitted this photo from St-John’s Newfoundland!

April 2020

Canadian Scenic Route Photo Contest

Share your photo of your favourite Canadian scenery. We want to see our beautiful country!

March 2020

No Break for March Break Photo Contest!

Getting our KMs in while on vacation! What started out as a "vacation" photo contest ended up as a "staycation" photo contest this year due to the Corona Virus

March Winner of a $25 Gift Card at Canadian Tire

Congratulations Laura-Lee and Laura Catton from Alberta!

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February Winner of a $25 Gift Card at Canadian Tire

Congratulations Rhonda, Pieter and Tiffany!

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February 2020

Duo/Group Photo Contest!

Supporting one another to reach our goals!

January 2020

Frosted Selfie Photo Contest!

Fighting off winter blues together!

January Winner of a $25 Gift Card at Canadian Tire

Congratulations Cassandra!

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If you completed 1000 KM and would like to submit a photo for our gallery, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Congratulations to our 2019 Finishers

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Congratulations to our 2018 Finishers!

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To inspire people from across the nation to gain a love for health and fitness by building a strong community of Canadians who share their stories of hope and inspiration!

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