Tracking and Logging Kilometres!


Tracking kilometres is easy!  This challenge is for you!  You are in charge of how you will track your kilometres and where you will log them. 

What to Track

  • intentional walking (daily routine steps should not be included in this challenge, see Fitbit Guidelines). 
  • hiking
  • jogging
  • running
  • snowshoeing

If you have any health-related issues, you may track other forms of exercise at your own discretion!  We would never want this challenge to discourage you from reaching your health and fitness goals!

Due to the high volume of Facebook posts we receive in a day, only posts related to one of the five exercises above (regarding tracking KMs) will be approved!  (See our Facebook posts guidelines for more information)

How to track your KMs?

  • from a treadmill
  • from your favourite APP
  • from a device that has a GPS
  • We have four Leaderboards for our 2021 challenge!  Select the Leaderboard that you would like to use to enter your kilometres.  Pick the one closest to your goal!  It is not a mandatory way of logging your kilometers.  You can log your kilometres any way like.   Follow our step-by-step guide to logging kilometres on our Leaderboard or watch our Video Tutorial here.  You will love our Leaderboard!

Where to log your KMs?

  • on your favourite App/ tracking device
  • in a journal
  • on our Website’s check-in form

When to log your KMs?

Anytime!  You can add the total for the week, or you can add your KMs daily!

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